Pet-G (Relax) vobalab
  • Pet-G (Relax) vobalab

Pet-G (Relax) vobalab

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RELAX – Transparent plastic on the basis of PET-G for a very solid 3D printing. Perfect for large products, it is easy to print because its shrinkage is even less than that of dry PLA, but due to the high adhesion between the layers, even thin-walled models have impressive durability. This material is characterized by very high impact resistance and broad temperature range (from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C), high transparency, good resistance to fats and mineral acids. And most importantly, get with this material qualitative result is very simple. Absolutely any FDM 3D-printer can print REC RELAX perfectly.

Масса нетто: 750
Диаметр: 1.75
Color: Valge

Printing technology FDM
Extruder temperature 215-245 °C
Head bet 0-60°C
Cooling fan on
Density 1,3 g/cm3
Flexural modulus 2063 MPa
Tensile stress at stretching 53 MPa
Softening point 80°C
The bending strength of 2.8mm/min. 23°C 76,07 MPa

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